Bulletproof Market Research Course

Bulletproof Market Research

In Market Research Blueprint you’ll learn the exact steps pro media buyers use to find and convert large pools of their target customer in any ad network.

Become A Targeting Pro

Never again will you wonder if you’re sending the right traffic to your offer. Exercises in this course are sure to have make you a targeting pro.

3 Components Of A Killer Offer

What it takes to convert cold traffic isn’t the same as what it takes for warm (email) traffic. Use this strategy to speak to new customers that don’t know you.

Nail Their Hot Buttons

The trick to “great marketing” is just saying the right thing, at the right time, to the right person. We’ll show you how to make this easy.

Reverse Engineer Success

Rather than trying to figure out what works, we’ll show you how to reverse engineer the kingpin of your market. Jump straight to the front of the line!

Discover Hidden Profits

When you’re guessing, you’re like everyone else. We’ll show you how to find the hidden fishing ponds where you can grab plenty of new customers.

Timing Is Everything

We’ll show you how to master the buyers journey for your market so you can nail the timing, messaging, and make your marketing easy.

About The Instructor

John Belcher

Paid Ads Expert

John is a former Googler. He is currently CEO and Founder of Enduring Marketing LLC – a paid acquisition consultancy that specializes in helping B2B, Saas, and FinTech startups analyze and scale their user acquisition programs.


Bulletproof Traffic Traps Training

Course Content

Modules Status

Traffic Traps Introduction


Module 1: Poor Expectations


Module 2: Inadequate Market Research


Module 3: Good Product bad Offer


Module 4: Unclear Goals


Module 5: Poor Analytics & Tracking


Module 6: Lack of Campaign Planning


Module 7: Ad Network Traps

Next, Elevate Your Game To Mastery Status

Imagine being the media buyer everyone models. The guy who, when he shows up at events, gets a swarm of people following him and buying him beers. Or lady…

If you want to become a master, you’re going to need more than just “how to setup campaigns in the ad networks.” You’re going to need to know how to think like a pro, how to fix broken campaigns, how to optimize your funnel, and track everything.

Discover how to make any ad network profitable with proven strategies gained from over 5,000 ad campaigns.

End your days of relying on Frankenstein basic tracking and eliminate all confusion you have about setting up advanced tracking.

You’re going to need these two masters courses.

They will elevate your game and your status.

Do You Want To Instantly Gain Access To Marketing Experts Willing To Help Your Marketing Problems 7 Days A Week

Throughout the day your team will have questions about ad copy, targeting, tracking, landing pages along with a bajillion other questions that come along with creating modern ad campaigns.

Instead of them coming to you, we’ve got a community full of hubdreds of experienced media buyers that they can talk with all day long. Also in this community is our very own team of expert instructors.

Now go back to work, we’ve got you covered.


Justin Brook

Paid Ads Expert

John Belcher

Paid Ads Expert

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